Since 1992, UK Architects has been designing architecture for people. Our designs create lasting value by enhancing the way people live and interact and by contributing to a community’s character and service to its members. Our designs show respect for the environment and create value for our clients. The value that we create is derived from our knowledge and passion for what we do.


At UK Architects, we believe the best architecture is the result of a collaborative process.  Always.

  • We work with you to create spaces and places that reflect your goals and further your objectives
  • We maximize the value of your investment, no matter the project type or scale
  • We create useful, meaningful and beautiful spaces and places


  • To provide creative solutions for projects
  • To ensure those projects  improve the community and environment in which they are located
  • To focus on creating spaces and places that serve our clients' needs
  • To integrate design quality, cost effectiveness, and environmental sensitivity into all UK Architects' projects


"You guys are great. This space is fabulous! I spent the last hour wandering the Campus Center inside and out, the “new” dining area, etc during our first full all school informal meal. I can’t tell you how well this space functions – especially given all the constraints we were working with for circulation in and out of the dining hall, parking, etc. The decks and outdoor patios are terrific and the integrity of all the spaces – front – back – and indoor –tremendous! The connections for day/boarding, parent drop off / pick up, athletic / academic / arts intersection informal and formal – genius! In essence, this space is fantastic for the school and your design captured the vision and expectations for this space better than I ever could have imagined."

- Mike Schafer, Head of School Kimball Union Academy Campus Center at Kimball Union Academy

"From the beginning of our process you have taken an integrated approach to our design. Everyone has been involved in a collaborative way in putting together a project that meets our objectives. The team has been sensitive to our desires for a”green” building.

Everyone has been aware of the importance of the Lyme Road to the community. Our store site is a prominent location and your design dramatically recognizes that fact. I believe our building will provide the kind of community oriented gathering place the town, the neighbors and the COOP envision. It will truly b the gateway the site demands and the community wants.

Most importantly, the UK team has been great to work with to produce a market that I believe will work for our consumer members. You have noted all the data we have provided and listened to our ideas on how the store should work and have come up with an exciting design the community should love. I really think this store will transform that area of Hanover."

- Terry Appleby, General Manager Hanover Consumer COOP Community Market on Lyme Road in Hanover