How We Work With Clients Across Long-Distances

Trust and communication: these principles form the bedrock of doing good work. But how do you create a productive relationship without face-to-face meetings? Here at UK Architects, geographic differences don’t get in the way of exceptional design. By keeping current with available technology, we have ensured that the process goes smoothly, regardless of proximity. The strong relationships we build with clients both near and far allow for fruitful virtual meetings and compelling project collaboration.

Collaborative tools through technology

We take a multi-faceted approach to communication when working with long-distance clients. Beyond the basic phone calls, emails and texting, we also implement web-based meetings. Programs such as GoToMeeting and Skype afford the opportunity to virtually meet face-to-face. We share materials through cloud-based file sharing, such as Google Drive; photo sharing applications, such as Flickr; and content sharing platforms, such as Pinterest boards. We can also install a webcam at a project site so that all parties involved are able keep track of progress.

Focused meetings mean enhanced productivity

Technology plays an important role in the design process. Online meetings allow for direct access to our digital tools, creating the opportunity to share design possibilities in both plan and 3D formats. The immediate accessibility of our drawing software during online meetings allows for spontaneous design changes and brainstorming. We utilize ArchiCad software for creating plans, elevations, sections and 3D models. We also scan our freehand sketches, sometimes editing or annotating them in Photoshop or Skitch. We have found that meeting in the virtual realm often creates more focused discussions and better decision tracking – not to mention cost-savings to the client.

While we find great joy in meeting and collaborating in person, we value being flexible with our work and clients. UK Architects has found success in implementing technology to bridge the virtual gap and work efficiently across distances.

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